Life in strongbadia

28 February
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"she bang she bang", aims testing, angel food cake, apple bongs, apples, avondale, badmitton, banana lollipops, beautiful sunrise/sunsets, big white faces, boys in thongs, braiding my hair, bubblers, bundt cake, cake, cat in the hat, charlies tonsils, cheese, chewed off nails, chineese men (william hung), chocolate cake, christmas lights, church, confetti cake, country host, crafts with popsicle sticks, cupcakes, dread locks, fishing, flagstaff, fried worms, giant bees, golfing, homestar, hpnotiq, icecream cake, jeannies dirty car, jello, joe and dee, leg hair, lesbian parites, liala, lindsey's stupid boyfriend, looking in the mirror, lord of the rings, mardi gras king cake, math, men, mooning cars, munchies (kids mix), my first hour teacher, navajo grandmas, peter piper pizza, petting the cat, picking at my butt, pita jungle, playing in the street, porn, protein shakes, pudding cake, putting on deoderant, quilting, rollin wit da homies, rolling in dirt, rugrats, running across busy streets, running cross country, school, scooby doo, scratching my butt, shots of salad dressing, shrimp and cheese, singing in the rain, skinny boys(with no musscle), smashing pumpkins on halloween, smelly cheese, soroity sleepovers, soup at hand, sponge cake, star wars, strawberry shortcake, sucking my thumb/big toe, swimming in the nude, taco bell, toe jam, tripping on my shoelaces, tuna fish, wearing no bra, wedding cakes, white cake, women wrestlers, writing essays